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  •  SDP01

    Professional Degaussing System

  • BOWA DP 900
    BOWA DP 900

    Corporate Shredder

  • CH-M200 DC
    CH-M200 DC

    Professional Degaussing & Crushing Combi System

  • BOWADP 6050
    BOWADP 6050

    Professional Heavy Duty Shredding System and Baler

  • BOWADP S30
    BOWADP S30

    Professional E/Waste Shredding System

  • BOWA DP S70
    BOWA DP S70

    Professional Heavy Duty E/Waste Shredding System & Sorting System

Security with an environment touch

Document Shredding

Corporates, that need to shred internal and confidential data stored in paper, optical, magnetic and electronic supports


Government and security bureau, police and military department, that need to safeguard national security information stored in paper or other small media supports

Media Management

Companies and electronic equipment manufacturers, that need to manage and dispose e-waste, can rely specifically on the Depei S series shredding capabilities


Banks, telecom and insurance, that need to protect, accurately manage and destroy clients’ personal confidential information


DEPEI International SRL.
Via Buozzi, 52 - 40057
Granarolo Dell’Emilia (BO)

T.   +39 051 0393873
F.   +390513370324
M.  +39 347 2549058

Skype: wwgsun 

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DEPEI International SRL.
Via Buozzi, 52 - 40057
Granarolo Dell’Emilia (BO)

T.   +39 051 0393873
F.   +390513370324
M.  +39 347 2549058

Skype: wwgsun